Must know skills for new designers

Why collate these skills?

I was thinking about the old questions “what would I tell myself or new designers when starting in design?”.

Illustrator Skills

Illustrator was always the coolest programme for me initially. It’s so flexible with no need to consider resolution whilst crafting your killer vectors.

Photoshop Skills

Ah Photoshop, so much fun. When I first started design I was making web banner images & animations in flash. It seemed like you could make anything in Photoshop… & it still feels like that way now.

InDesign Skills

Whilst studying design, InDesign seemed like the most boring & least interesting programme to work in. Little did I know & as we all learn, it’s the real work horse of document design & a truly powerful tool.

Learning on the job vs already knowing

Lots can be learned on the job but some skills are simply required to be a productive professional designer.

For example

Using tabs can be a tricky business. It’s easy to get multiple tab points across multiple line breaks causing all sorts of alignment issues.

Time is money… unfortunately

I hope this doesn’t sound harsh it’s just that there is income to be earned & costs to be covered. As a junior sits down to do a days work, they need to be productive enough to contribute to the workload at hand.

So many tools, not enough time

The Adobe Suite is a behemoth of tools & options so knowing which ones to master first is useful for new designers.

Got Feedback?

Think I’ve missed something or don’t agree with anything? Let me know, I’d love to refine this & am open to changes.

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